• Project: Innov8 Hackathon
  • Company: BMO
  • Duration: November 14-16, 2019
  • Role: UX Lead

48 hours of ideation, research, interviews, data driven design decisions. LETS GOOO! We posed a question; How can we help Canadians with their Financial Health.

Once we had a concrete problem statement, I led an intensive compress Design Sprint in which we looked at data trends, utilizing AI to give predictive insights and other ways we can leverage technical capabilities in order to help our audience – toughest challenge was to manage 4 developers while maintaining focus on the end user experience. I kept reiterating “it’s about our users” and started building personal stories, narratives that everyone can resonate with. This became the most compelling achievement IMO, how bringing human connections to FI created that extra value-add of trust and confidence for people, introducing Financial Well Being, Bank Better.